Oakley College Primary Choir – Triana 2017

Dear families,
On Saturday 2nd of December we had the opportunity to see our Oakley Primary Choir performing in the ‘Christmas Children´s Event’ in Triana, presented by the famous Rafaelito ‘el Payaso’.
Our choir was one of five schools chosen and the experience of meeting the other children and singing in a real stage with the lights, TV cameras recording and microphones around made it a fun evening for all.
The Primary Choir sang four Christmas themed songs, accompanied on the piano by Mr. Jono and on the clarinet by Laura Quesada, from Y11.
Our students were, as always, very professional on stage and I feel very proud of their performance and behaviour!
Thanks to all of you who came to see the Choir and thanks also to the parents in supporting their children´s education outside the school timetable.


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