Year 4 trip to Palmitos Park

Year 4 spent the day at Palmitos Park, where they were learning all about the different wildlife, which gave them greater understanding of their Rainforest Topic and learning about habitats in science.
The children got a ‘behind closed doors’ talk about the dolphins, with a helping hand (or I should say, a helping fin!) from our underwater friends. This was followed by a ‘Birds of Prey’ show, where the children could witness them flying freely into the distance, although they did fly a bit too close for the likings of one or two!
After navigating their way past all sorts of different animals, it was time for the dolphin show. The children were amazed by their high flying and deep diving tricks!
The children had a fantastic time and this will help them form a greater understanding of their work back in class.
A special ‘thank you’ to our parent helpers for giving up their time to help out. Your help was greatly appreciated.

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