Sports Day

Oakley’s very first Inter-House Sports Day saw everyone from all 4 houses compete for a chance to hold aloft the gigantic cup. The morning session saw all of KS2 take to the field at the university to show off their kicking, throwing, jumping, skipping, sprinting, hopping and dribbling skills, each one trying to score maximum points for their team. The morning even saw the teachers try to gain points for their respective houses by competing in a hotly contested Egg and Spoon race!

After lunch, the children were exercising their brains by answering some tricky sporting questions, again trying to add some much needed points to their totals.

The eventful day concluded with the Sports Day Assembly, where England were presented with the huge trophy.

A huge well done to everyone who took part, even to those who weren’t able to compete but still managed to help out. It was a perfect way to end an amazing year of sport at Oakley College. 

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