Día de Canarias Activities 2018

On May 29th, we celebrated our Día de Canarias with a wealth of activities. We went to the theatre, enjoyed a presentation in school, and a potter showed us the art of clay work in the Canary Islands. J.Morgan introduced us to the world of comics, Yaiza Sánchez, a young writer and narrator, delighted us with her stories and musical talent. We learnt how to dance the Isa (a typical Canarian dance), and how to recite poems and some Canarian songs. We also made some cactus, and pintadera drawings, and Canarian balconies with clothes pegs. We practiced Canarian sports, and read some stories by Pepa Aurora. We learnt the municipalities of the islands, and designed typical crowns from El Hierro. We had a fantastic day. We would like to thank you for your support and collaboration.

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