Friendship Week and International Day

Our Primary children enjoyed taking part in Friendship Week.  They participated in lots of activities where they learned the values and attributes of being a good friend.   The children also learnt about bullying and how to deal with it through songs, role play and discussion. Throughout the week the children had the opportunity to partner up with their buddy classes and extend their friendships throughout the school.  A good week was had by all and lessons learnt to be carried on throughout life!

On Friday 19th October, Primary celebrated International Day to recognize friends around the world at the end of Friendship Week.  The children were able to dress up in their country’s traditional costume or colours of the flag and learn about their allotted country.  Throughout the day children took part in various activities to learn about their country´s traditions, cultures, famous buildings and daily life.  All the children enjoyed learning about others in many far away different parts of the world!

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