Canterbury v Oakley

Oakley´s football season got off to a flying start with both primary teams beating Canterbury away in their field. Mauro opened the scoring for the Years 3 and 4 with a fantastic shot which the keeper could do nothing about. Javier went on to score 2 more fantastic goals, and as the game neared the end, Oakley thought they had done enough to win. However, after 2 quick goals from Canterbury, Oakley started to worry that they had begun to celebrate too early. With only 1 minute left, Javier is passed the ball in front of the goal and scored a fantastic goal to complete his hatrick. The whistle blew shortly after, meaning Oakley won 4 – 2.

In the Years 5 and 6 game, the match was even tighter. Pablo Q scored a fantastic early goal for Oakley. However, despite many more chances, Canterbury´s defense was just too strong and denied Oakley getting a second goal. The game finished 1-0 to Oakley.

A great game from all the players involved.  Well done.

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