London Trip 2019- Y6

On the 4th of June, 27 students from year 6, accompanied by Miss Joanne, Miss Janice and Mr Guy travelled to London.

On the first day, the group was led by a local tour guide who took us around Westminster, explaining all the famous buildings and their purpose, a particular highlight being Buckingham Palace. This was followed by a trip on the London Eye and boat cruise down the river Thames, which gave the children an amazing opportunity to see all of the famous landmarks in London.

On the second day, the children visited the Natural History Museum. They looked around the dinosaurs and volcano zones, but were most impressed by the mammals, especially the blue whale! In the afternoon they completed an `E trail´ that took them on a hunt to find clues at different sites, each team hoping to be the first to find the clues and crack the code.

That evening the children went to the Theatre to watch the Lion King. The musical brought the story to life with powerful acting, emotional scenes and enchanting music from beginning to end. 

On the third day, the children travelled to the Tower of London, where they saw the Crown Jewels and all of the other riches of the Monarch. Afterwards, they went inside the Tower Bridge and were both amazed and scared to have the chance to walk across the glass floor of the bridge. After buying a variety of souvenirs and a delicious meal in the Rain forest Café, the children headed back to the hotel, sad that it was their final night in London but happy that would soon get to see their family again.

On the final morning, the children visited the famous Harry Potter Platform 9 and 3/4‘s before the flight back home.

The trip was a valuable opportunity for the students to learn about British culture and practice their English skills. They all returned with many exciting stories, photos and souvenirs.


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