Early Years news

Our Royal Wedding Garden Party held on Monday 7th May

The Early Years children celebrated the royal wedding by hosting their very own garden party.  Each child decorated a flag, made a place mat and helped to make bunting.  They also prepared some sandwiches, cakes and strawbe​​rries for the event.


Decorating Easter eggs in Primary

Easter eggs are a traditional part of celebrating Easter. At Oakley we have also a tradition of decorating and having creative fun with our hard boiled “Easter” eggs. Students from 2yr olds and all through the Primary classes decorate their eggs each year. The eggs are then put on display for students and the community to enjoy. We hope you enjoy looking at some of them as much as the students enjoyed making them. Happy Easter to all.

Exploring old toys

As part of Owl’s toy topic we have decided to explore old toys and compare them to new modern-day toys. The children soon noticed the differences and realised that we often used our imagination more with older toys. Two grandfathers were extremely kind to come in and talk to the children about some of their favourite toys from when they were children. We then had a practice at a couple of games together on the playground! The children in both Owls classes combined had a wonderful time learning about old toys.


Rabbits enjoyed Christmas!

The Rabbits have had a great Christmas party.


Owls and Rabbits had a great end to the year playing in Mundo Mágico. Have a wonderful Summer holiday and we will see you in September!