KS1 and KS2 news


Basket match

A most exciting evening was spent by some Y6 pupils, their parents and staff at the recent Gran Canaria v  Anadolu EFES Istanbul Basketball game at the Las Palmas stadium. After a close fought game, unfortunately Istanbul were the victors, (90 – 94) despite a huge amount of support from Oakley pupils! A really enjoyable evening was had by all!


Friendship Week and International Day

Our Primary children enjoyed taking part in Friendship Week.  They participated in lots of activities where they learned the values and attributes of being a good friend.   The children also learnt about bullying and how to deal with it through songs, role play and discussion. Throughout the week the children had the opportunity to partner up with their buddy classes and extend their friendships throughout the school.  A good week was had by all and lessons learnt to be carried on throughout life!

On Friday 19th October, Primary celebrated International Day to recognize friends around the world at the end of Friendship Week.  The children were able to dress up in their country’s traditional costume or colours of the flag and learn about their allotted country.  Throughout the day children took part in various activities to learn about their country´s traditions, cultures, famous buildings and daily life.  All the children enjoyed learning about others in many far away different parts of the world!


Y3 adventure Day

Year 3 had a wonderful day at the beach playing team games and competing against each other. We all had a great time kayaking and speeding along on the banana! Teachers were especially proud of how responsible the children were when taking care of each other under the sun, in the sea and on the sand. What a perfect way to begin our year together!!


Friendly Football Game against British school

Oakley College started the football season in a spectacular style with both teams beating the British School.  The year 3 and 4 team won their match comfortably, 6-0, and demonstrated some promising talent. The year 5 and 6 had a very tight match, against a strong team. However, 2 late goals sealed the team their first victory of the year with the game ending 4-2. Although the game was only a friendly, and the points did not count towards the league, the quality of players and talent will make Oakley College a hard team to beat this season.


Year 5 and 6 Interhouse Football

On Tuesday the 2nd of October, Year 5 and 6 started this years inter-house competitions with a very exciting football tournament. Every team had an impressive selection of players that demonstrated excellent passing, tackling and shooting skills. The competition was very close, and had to be decided by the last game, which made for a very nervous and exhilarating final, England vs Ireland. Pablo Quesada scored in the last second to win the game and the tournament for England. A big well done to all the players involved.


Year 3 and 4 interhouse football

On Thursday the 5th of October Years 3 and 4 began this season´s inter-house competitions with a thrilling football tournament. There was a lot of fantastic footballing skills demonstrated which made some of the games very close. However, it was Ireland who came out victorious, going undefeated for all 3 of their games. Well done to all of the players involved.

Year 6 camp

On 24th September, Year 6 went on their 2 night camp to Las Tederas. The children had a fantastic time and enjoyed participating in a range of exciting activities, including climbing, archery and treasure hunts, as well as learning about the wildlife and plant life that we can find on Gran Canaria. The children particular enjoyed learning a new version of hide and seek which involved working as a team.

Primary Annual Review 2017-18

The past course was full of learning and emotions in Primary and, we want to share it with you!

Enjoy reading our Primary Annual Review:

Primary Annual Review 2017-18

Raising Funds for Cancer Research

During the Summer holidays a group of Primary students came up with the idea to have a market stall sale to raise funds for Cancer Research. Valeria Abou together with Martina Florido set up their market stand in the little square near to the school and armed with sunglasses and bracelets donated from the Cancer Association set about their mornings work! They were supported by more student friends and family in a worthwhile and positive experience. Well done girls!!!



Rounders take 2!

Over the last couple of weeks, KS2 held their first annual Inter-House Rounders competition. With some fantastic batting and fielding on display, the semi-finals were very close; but in Years 5/6, it was Wales and England who made their way to the final. With loads of twists and turns during the match, it was England who just managed to see their team win their first sporting trophy of the year.

In Years 3/4, again there was some incredible batting and astonishing fielding; especially by Alfredo, who caught 4 people out in a row! After a tough semi-final, it was England and Ireland who made it through to their final. With the sun starting to shine, it was Ireland who managed to hold their nerve to pick up their second sporting trophy of the year.

A huge ‘well done’ to everyone who competed for their House and to the supporters, who made their voices heard throughout the two afternoons!