KS1 and KS2 news

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Girls’ Football

Oakley are continuing to make history!

This time, it was the girls showing what they could do with their footballing skills and team work!
Oakley played The British School in the first all-girls football match. With the event proving very popular, both schools were able to produce two teams for two matches.
In the first match, Oakley came out 2-0 winners with goals from Ainara and Marta S; the second a curling, looping shot into the top corner! In the second match, Oakley came out on top 5-0, thanks to goals from Ainara and the prolific Marta (3).
Both sides were a joy to watch and battled away to make sure this was an even more memorable day than it already was!
Hopefully, this will just be the start for the girls’ team and every single one of them should be very proud of themselves… I know we are!
Well done to:
Lucia R, Ainara, Inés, Claudia, Valentina, Daniela, Marta S, Anni, Rowan, Daniela, Andrea, Lucía, Martina C, Marta, Martina V, Ainara, Diana, Liana and Norah.

Confital Trip – Y5

On March 13th, Y5 enjoyed a trip from La Puntilla to El Confital Beach, where a guide explained the origin of the name of Las Canteras Beach and how the whole area became populated with new buildings. He also explained that at the beginning, there was only sand and you could see Las Canteras Beach on north side and Las Alcaravaneras Beach on east side. Students also discovered the origin of other place names, including El Confital Beach. They learnt new names for the flora and fauna of the coastline of this area and had a fun and interesting morning.


Cajita de Pandora

On the 9th March, the Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 students enjoyed a puppet show at the Teatro Guiniguada with the theatre group “Bolina de Pandora”.

They were able to enjoy a different and entertaining morning with their classmates outside of school.

We appreciate the company of the parents who have supported us on this trip.

Miss Natalia and Miss Rita



Oakley made it a double for the season by clinching a clean sweep of victories with both the Year 3/4’s and Year 5/6’s winning their respective leagues.
In front of a record crowd of 100 raucous supporters cheering them on, both sides ensured they kept their 100% winning streak with both teams making it 4/4 for the season by beating Pepe Damaso, in what was the final showcase of sporting ability at home before the historic Sports Ground is transformed .
Year 3/4’s, eventually, won convincingly 5-1. It started in cagey fashion, knowing that avoiding defeat would clinch the League trophy. Some outstanding 1-on-1 saves by Victor kept his team in it, while the defence was excellently marshalled by Benji and Arturo. Diego showed a mature performance beyond his years by realising his defence duties and running the game by spreading the ball out into space and starting off attacking plays. The flair of Filippo and Pablo either side of him used the balls wisely and inventively to cause their defence a headache all morning by switching the ball quickly with some accurate cross-field passes. Manu was a menace upfront, not allowing the defence to settle for a minute. The subs of Juan, Abian and Mauro kept the quality level high when they were introduced and gave the team an added buzz of energy. Juan lead the line well – in the same fashion as his brother; Abian was popping up everywhere, chasing lost causes and making life a nightmare for the opposition; while Mauro showed how ice-cool he was in front of goal by notching 2 goals. The other goals were scored by Manu and Filippo (2), completing a satisfying morning.
Year 5/6 played in what can only be described as a battle; this game was not for the faint-hearted! Again, knowing a defeat would open the door wide open for others to catch them in the league, most of the match was a midfield dog fight. With Pepe looking dangerous going forward, the brick wall of Ale and Nahuel stood strong and put their bodies on the line to help Ivan out in goal. Working as a unit, Samuel, Javi, Javi and Pablo had to dig in deep to try and find any pockets of space on what was a crowded pitch. Zeus came on to give the team more legs and put in a robust display alongside Dario to keep their attackers at bay. It was Oakley’s final sub who changed the direction of the game in the last minute. Martina showed her sharpness and quick-thinking by sprinting over to play a quick throw, which was flicked onto Pablo who made no mistake from a few yards out!
Both teams have been fantastic this year and we look forward to the trophy presentation in a months time. Maybe… just maybe, Oakley can add a couple of tournament trophies to the cabinet too!

Year 3 Ancient Egypt Day

Year 3 had a fun Ancient Egypt day dancing, tutting, making clay hippopotamuses from the River Nile and using ancient recipes to bake biscuits. They also showed great teamwork and competed against each other in a tug of war and by mummifying one of their team mates. We are getting quite efficient at cracking hieroglyphic codes and writing secret messages! It was a great way to bring an end to a very well explored topic this term. Well done year 3!


Decorating Easter eggs in Primary

Easter eggs are a traditional part of celebrating Easter. At Oakley we have also a tradition of decorating and having creative fun with our hard boiled “Easter” eggs. Students from 2yr olds and all through the Primary classes decorate their eggs each year. The eggs are then put on display for students and the community to enjoy. We hope you enjoy looking at some of them as much as the students enjoyed making them. Happy Easter to all.


Oceans4Life  came to visit Key Stage 2 on Wednesday 21st March to talk about how we could help the oceans and environment by picking up our rubbish or recycling it. We learnt a lot about how litter can damage or even kill sea life and how important it is to try and protect them. Also that day, Years 3 and 4 decorated some bags for volunteers to use in Litter Pick Up days.


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Science Day

On Wednesday the 14th of March Primary (with help from Secondary) celebrated Science Day. The children really enjoyed taking part in a wide variety of experiments and investigations as well as learning how important science is in most aspects of our lives. Year 6 were led by Year 13 in dissecting some animal organs and discussed how important this was to help us learn all about how these organs function in animals and humans. Year 5 and Year 6 were also invited to a Secondary assembly all about young scientists and the discoveries they have made. We also took some time to remember perhaps one of the most famous modern day scientists such as Stephen Hawking.


Osorio trip to plant

On Wednesday, February 14 th we participated in a fantastic activity with Y5 and Y6. Foresta Foundation came to the school to give us a talk on sustainability. They talked to us about the type of vegetation present in the Canary Islands and what we can do to preserve it. They also talked about the Rabiche pigeon, an endemic species of the island they plan to reintroduce after disappearing as a result of deforestation.
On Thursday February 15 th we went to Osorio with Y6 and on Friday February 16 th with Y5. Once there, our students had the opportunity to learn more about the reforestation work of the laurisilva forest.
They taught us the whole process from the germination of seeds to their subsequent planting. With the help of two excellent monitors we planted heather, fayas, arbuzanos and white sticks.
We were also fortunate to be able to sight a Rabiche pigeon in captivity which, due to its timid and scary nature, needs the help of grey pigeons to nurture its young.
We had two intense days in which our little explorers made their personal contribution to making our world a better place. Well done!

Y6 to the cinema

On Thursday, February 8th, the students of Y6 enjoyed a private film session to watch the movie “Wonder”. The movie is about a child with genetic problem that makes him physically different from his peers. The movie recounts his experiences as he enters high school and meets other children of his own age.

The students enjoyed the movie and we hope that they have learned the values the story conveys. We are left with the phrase that one of the teachers says to the children “When you can choose between being right or being kind, choose to be nice”