KS1 and KS2 news


Excursión al Jardín Canario de Y2

Y2 se fue de excursión al Jardín Canario la semana pasada. Durante esta encantadora e informativa actividad aprendimos mucho sobre las plantas y los animalitos que por allí viven ¡Disfrutamos muchísimo del paseo!

Primary in Carnival

Carnival came to the Primary Department of Oakley on Friday 9th February.   Children arrived at school in their amazing costumes and took part in a parade to get them into the spirit of the day.  Lots of fun carnival activities followed and a visit from the very funny clowns!

Year 4 trip to Palmitos Park

Year 4 spent the day at Palmitos Park, where they were learning all about the different wildlife, which gave them greater understanding of their Rainforest Topic and learning about habitats in science.
The children got a ‘behind closed doors’ talk about the dolphins, with a helping hand (or I should say, a helping fin!) from our underwater friends. This was followed by a ‘Birds of Prey’ show, where the children could witness them flying freely into the distance, although they did fly a bit too close for the likings of one or two!
After navigating their way past all sorts of different animals, it was time for the dolphin show. The children were amazed by their high flying and deep diving tricks!
The children had a fantastic time and this will help them form a greater understanding of their work back in class.
A special ‘thank you’ to our parent helpers for giving up their time to help out. Your help was greatly appreciated.


Swimming gala 2017

Oakley competed in the first Inter-school swimming gala against The British School, The American School and Canterbury.

In what was a superbly organised event, Oakley did amazingly well in all four disciplines (breast stroke, back stroke, front crawl and butterfly), including the relays.

Oakley managed an incredible 28 medals out of a possible 30 races! 

Those who took part were a credit to the school and were complemented on their behaviour, ability and polite manners. 

The Medal Table:

Year 3:

Nicolas – 1st 1st 2nd

Kiko – 3rd

Ellie – 2nd


Year 4: 

Gonzalo – 3rd

Gabriel – 2nd 2nd 3rd

Anni – 3rd

Ariadna – 3rd 2nd 2nd


Year 5:

Alvaro – 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd

Ale – 1st

Adriana – 1st 1st 2nd 3rd 

Lucia – 1st


Year 6:

Zeus – 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd

Amaia – 2nd

Ainara – 2nd 3rd 3rd 2nd


A very special mention for Jose-María who demonstrated the best butterfly technique at the gala in his very close, nail-biting race.

A huge well done to everyone for a very successful event!


Oakley College Primary Choir – Triana 2017

Dear families,
On Saturday 2nd of December we had the opportunity to see our Oakley Primary Choir performing in the ‘Christmas Children´s Event’ in Triana, presented by the famous Rafaelito ‘el Payaso’.
Our choir was one of five schools chosen and the experience of meeting the other children and singing in a real stage with the lights, TV cameras recording and microphones around made it a fun evening for all.
The Primary Choir sang four Christmas themed songs, accompanied on the piano by Mr. Jono and on the clarinet by Laura Quesada, from Y11.
Our students were, as always, very professional on stage and I feel very proud of their performance and behaviour!
Thanks to all of you who came to see the Choir and thanks also to the parents in supporting their children´s education outside the school timetable.


Pirate Trip Y6

On Wednesday the 29th, Y6 students went on a trip to find out about  the invasion of pirates and corsairs in the Canaries in the 16th Century. They listened attentively to what the guide was saying:  how they attacked, how they entered the city and what they did. They visited some of the places where there are relics and vestiges of those attacks, such as the Castillo de la Luz, the Mirador de San Francisco-Castillo de Mata, the Jardín Canario and the Casa de Colón. They were very attentive to everything the guide told them. and they asked a lot of questions. They spent a very entertaining morning learning about the history of the Canary Islands.


Y6 set off for their 2 night camp in Chira. The excitement was evident on the bus, with some wonderful and not so wonderful singing!
Over the next few days, children participated in a wide range of challenging and exciting activities, including; rock climbing & rappelling, zip line, hiking and orienteering, as well as a number of team games and relays.
We enjoyed some great meals and even managed to get a little bit of sleep. All in all, a great few days, which we hope children will remember for a long time.


On Friday 13th October, Key Stage 2 took part in International Day.  Children came to school in the traditional dress or flag colours of their country;  Year 3 – Egypt, Year 4 – Italy, Year 5 – Mexico and Year 6 – Canada.  They learnt about their country´s culture and traditions and took part in lots of activities.  A fun packed day was had by all!

More photos here



Year 1 enjoying International Day, looking at Scotland, the traditions and culture.


Year 4 had a great time at camp in Agaete!  They took part in lots of team building activities and games where they had to work together to help each other out and solve problems.  They also went for a nice walk up into the mountains and saw spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and some nearby towns.  At night they had a game of Hide and Seek and were definitely ready for a good nights sleep!  Good fun was had by all!

More photos here