KS1 and KS2 news

Primary Pirate Trip

On Wednesday 27th November, our students were able to walk in the shoes of pirates and Canarian residents involved in the battles of the 15th and 16th Centuries.  Students learned about the history surrounding these events in a unique environment. A wonderful experience was had by all!

Author visit

On the 19th November, Oakley students were paid a visit by the Canarian author Daniel Martín Castellano.  During the Daniel Martín Castellano’s visit, students were able to ask first-hand questions about what lies behind the author’s inspiration for his stories, why he chose to become a writer and what is involved in the book publication process.

It was an interesting and informative visit, keeping students engaged throughout the duration of the visit.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to the author for giving us some time out of his busy schedule!  We look forward to you visiting us again soon!

Mexico Day

On 12th November, the students in Year 6 celebrated Mexico Day, where they explored different aspects of Mexican culture.  The children enjoyed designing and decorating their own t-shirt designs inspired by Mexican festivals, preparing and sharing delicious Mexican food and learning a Mexican hat dance.

Year 3 – Christopher Columbus trip

Year 3 had a fantastic day exploring the Christopher Columbus museum and learning interesting facts about his voyages to the Americas. We saw pre Columbus artefacts, models of his ships, and an exact replica of a cabin from La Niña. We also enjoyed sketching the Cathedral of Santa Ana and learning all about our local history.

Year 2 trip to Gáldar

Year 2 enjoyed their trip to Galdar and Cueva Pintada last week and learned many new things connected with their topic.

Roman Day in Year 4

On Wednesday 13th November, Year 4 enjoyed taking part in Ancient Roman Day.  The children spent the day completing various Ancient Roman activities, learning about Roman numerals and training to become a Roman soldier.  At the end of the day the children competed against each other playing a popular Roman ball game.  A fun day was had by all!

Y1 trip to aquarium

Year 1 had a great day at the aquarium. They saw many different species of fish and ocean life. What a perfect way to kick off our topic on the Oceans of the World.


American School vs Oakley College match

Oakley primary travelled to the American school for the first football game of the season.

The Year 3 and 4 teams had a slow start as they got used to the new players on the team, but after 5 minutes an Oakley goal was scored from a fantastic shot. The team then started to relax and work together as a team to continue the pressure. In the end, the game finished 6-2 to Oakley.

Year 5 and 6s were hungry to continue their winning streak from last season and started the game with high intensity. The first goal came within the first minute and after that they did not stop coming. It seemed like everyone wanted a piece of the action, which resulted in the game ending a staggering 18-2.

A very impressive start to the season. The players should all be very proud of their performance and look forward to the next game.



Inter house Football Competition

The first house competition of the year did not fail to disappoint both the spectators and players. The standard of football was very high.

The year 3 and 4s had a very close tournament, with the winners being chosen by a nail-biting final match between England and Ireland. Ireland was ahead for most of the match but England equalised on the final whistle which gave them enough points to retain the trophy.

The 5s and 6s demonstrated the next level of talent. It was a joy to watch the children pass and shoot with such grace and style. Each game was very close and a roller coaster of emotions for everyone watching. In the end, Ireland came out on top with the most points; Scotland came in a close second, followed by Wales and then England.

All of the players should be very proud of their performances in the tournament.

Poetry Day

On Thursday 3 October we celebrated Poetry Day and had a wonderful opportunity to promote the enjoyment, discovery and sharing of poetry. Our day began with an assembly and a special visit from our local author and poet Pablo Sabalza, who shared his experience and inspiration for writing. Throughout the day, the children engaged in various activities such as visiting Oakley Park to connect with nature and to use their senses to write a poem together. We are very proud of all our students as they found their own connections with poetry and inspiration for their imaginations and creativity. We loved watching poetry flow and the children’s excitement to share their creations!