KS1 and KS2 news


Primary Maths Day 2018

Here you can read the Primary Maths Day write up. Enjoy it!


Maths Day 2019_ENG

Primary Swimming Gala

Oakley Primary took 16 swimmers to Santa Brígida swimming pool on Friday the 23rd of November, to take part in a gala between Canterbury and The British School. The children swam very well and took away a grand total of 14 golds, 5 silvers and 5 bronze medals. The boys relay team won and the girls’ team came second. A big congratulations to all the swimmers involved. 

Peace Day at Early Years

Early Years celebrated Peace Day on Wednesday 30th January. The children sang The Peace Song and did their mindful move of the week; The Circle of Peace Breathe each morning to start their day. Peace is something that is talked about and encouraged everyday in Early Years.

Peace Day 2019

On the 30th January, our Primary students celebrated the School Day for Non-Violence and Peace. Throughout the preceding week, students had been working on several arts & crafts activities where the main topic was the Dove of Peace, and which are now displayed in our school library.

In the morning, we were paid a visit by the Theatre Company Los Machanguitos, who played “Cuentos para la Paz y la Tolerancia” (Tales for Peace and Tolerance). The celebration drew to a close with students singing “Peace, Peace, Peace” and “”We are the World”. It was a very special day!

Year 4 Roman Day

Year 4 children transformed into Ancient Romans on Wednesday 14th November. They learnt all about the Roman numeral system and made models of Roman soldiers and chariots. In the afternoon the children took part in training activities as a Roman Soldier and learnt how to form a turtle formation ready for when they came under attack! The day finished off with a game of Harpastum, a popular Roman ball game adapted from the Ancient Greeks. A fantastic, fun-filled day was had by all!


Primary Christmas Productions 2018

Key Stage 2 performed some fantastic Christmas Productions at the end of the term. Year 3 and 4 danced and sang beautifully with their performance of Lights, Camel, Action while Year 5 and 6 performed the classic tale of Bah Humbug with some great acting and singing. Many thanks to parents, staff and children to bring both productions to a sensational outcome!


KS1 Christmas show

The Christmas story as told through the eyes of KS1 children. The children shone as they sang and danced their way into our hearts. There were dancing stars, noisy cockerels, affable farm animals, cool camels, wise men, an army of angels and many more talented young performers. Teamwork, from children, teachers and parents resulted in a show to remember. Well done KS1.

Year 4 Camp

We had a fantastic time at camp last week. The children enjoyed a range of activities and games over the two days, including team-building exercises and walking between the trees on slack-lines. We spent some time in the forest and had lots of fun. Everyone came back happy but very tired! We´re already excited about camp next year!

Remembrance Day 2018

The Primary Department observed Remembrance Day this year on Friday November 9th, by thinking about those people who gave their lives so others can live in peace.

KS2 made poppy wreaths to commemorate Remembrance Day, red for remembrance, white for peace or pacifism and purple for the animals who gave their lives.

It was a special occasion this year as it is 100 years since the signing for peace at the end of World War 1, so KS1 made their poppies into a 100 numeral.

Sanolandia – Y2

On Thursday 15 November, Y2 students had a different and, most importantly, fun trip.

They had the chance to enjoy a show organised by the Medical Professional Association which was aimed to teach students, by using different songs, to take care of themselves.

It was a real pleasure to attend the show.