Guernica – Secondary trip

On 22nd February, the IGCSE History and Art, and the AS Level Art, students visited the “Picasso, el viaje del Guernica” exhibition in Las Palmas. Students were given a talk which included the history of the bombing of Guernica and the Civil war; the different stages of the painting and Picasso’s creative process; and how the painting came to be homed in the Reina Sofia Museum. Students looked at some of the press coverage from the time and discussed the different coverage given to the event by both the right and left wing press. They watched a video which showed the evolution of the painting from the original outline to the finished piece. Once the talk and presentation had ended students had time to take a look around the exhibition and read about the paintings journey.

The exhibition was both informative and interesting and students enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about both the history of the event it depicts and the painting itself.

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