Football Primary – January

On the 25th of January, Oakley Primary travelled to the American School for 2 thrilling games of football.  

The year 3s and 4s put on a master class performance and enjoyed a comfortable victory by winning their game 12-2. The goals came from a variety of positions and players. Mauro scored 3, Javier 2, Nicolas 1, Shedy, 1, Fernan 2 and Simon 1.

The year 5s and 6s, had a far tougher, evenly matched game. Despite opening the game with 2 early goals, the American school lead the score board throughout. Oakley were down 6-4 with only a few minutes left to play, however, 2 late goals secured Oakley a draw and their undefeated run. 4 from Pablo Q, 1 from Manuel in year 5 and 1 from Manuel in year 6.

Oakley will face the British school, in the last game of the season when the winners of the league will be decided. 

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