Belgium-Germany 2018 trip

The limits of my language are the limits of my world”. ‒Ludwig Wittgenstein

Our annual MFL trip challenges the students in distant lands, with different languages and culture to communicate and push them far beyond their original confines, as well as helping to reinforce and expand on classroom learning.

This current academic year, we started our adventure in Belgium.  Brussels has much to offer and we appreciated the fine chocolate industry visiting The Concept Chocolate Museum, where our students got to learn all the steps of the hand-production process; from tempering, preparing and filling the casts; to demoulding and packing and we enjoyed sharing with the factory staff their knowledge through hands-on workshops.

We also visited the Atomium with it permanent and temporary exhibitions on themes such as Science, Progress and the Future.

In Germany, Cologne, we enjoyed one of the most vibrant and interesting cities. Dominated by its impressive Cathedral, which is the reputed resting place of the three Magi, Cologne offered us an ideal destination for a German language and some fascinating history tours throughout it museums, architecture and of course, we had a lot of fun in Phantasialand, a popular theme park considered one of Europe’s largest amusement parks.

But what we really enjoyed were the amazing Christmas markets we visited in both countries. It was not really about shopping, the experience was truly enveloping and wonderfully atmospheric. From trying local produce to hearing folk music and of course speaking the language with the locals.

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