Día de Canarias – Primary

On Wednesday 29th May, Oakley College joined in on the Canary Islands Day fun by organising activities where the regional art, folklore, culture and traditions were the real stars of the show.  The theme for this year’s celebration was ‘Traditional Carnivals of the Canary Islands’.

Well-known personalities from around the islands joined us for the celebration, such as the lauded comedian J. Morgan, who led a comic strip workshop for upper-KS2 students.

Students also had a shot at designing their own soapbox karts, in a nod to the typical arretrancos of Fuerteventura.

Students were also treated to a children’s theatre production of ‘Sara & Darmo’, directed by Armando Ravelo.

The day’s celebrations ended with a masked parade honoring the Diabletes de Teguise.  Students sang a song composed in class, in the style of a typical murga carnavalera, set to the rhythm of a polka beat.

Students, teachers and parents alike enjoyed another year of Canary Day celebrations and a fantastic day was had by all.


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