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Primary Reports and Levels

– Levels –

At Oakley College, we believe that most pupils will be “Expected” by the end of the school year. This raises the expectations of the children.

Some pupils may be “Exceeding” and some may be “Emerging”.

The pupils will only be assessed on the objectives they have been taught.

The definition of these terms is as follows:

Emerging – not yet reached the expected level of development in all of the objectives taught, although may have done so in some of the objectives in that subject or subject area. 

Expected – at the expected level of development for their age in all or most of the objectives taught in that subject or subject area. 

Exceeding – beyond the expected level of development for their age in all or most of the objectives taught in that subject or subject area.

Some children may not yet have reached “Emerging”.

They will be reported as “Requiring Support” and will be supported in a variety of ways including:

– Support by class teacher

– Intervention by teacher or teaching assistant

– Extra classes

Communication between the teacher and parent is vital. 

The children are not likely to start at “Emerging”, then move to “Expected” and then “Exceeding”.

The aim is for all children to be “Expected” in all subjects by the end of the school year. 

Most children will achieve the expected level within a short time if they are progressing normally as all children learn at different rates”.

Children learn in different ways and at different times of their development. 

Some children find some subjects easier to understand than others. 

Effort and willingness to speak English or their target language (for specialist language classes Spanish, French or German) are also graded.

The grading for these is Excellent, Good, Satisfactory or Needs improving.

At the end of Year 6, the children take a SATs style test to see how they perform independently under test conditions. This is in order to start to prepare the children for secondary. In Primary, a range of assessments are used to assess their level. Although the SATs are important, underperforming in this test does not mean a child would have to repeat as the majority of the evaluation of progress is based upon teacher assessment on the work the children have completed throughout the year. If a child is generally underperforming throughout the year, parents will be made aware of this before the end of the third term.

– Responsibility for Learning –

Responsibility for Learning has also been introduced this year across Secondary, replacing effort grades on reports. This grading system will provide a structure for students through which students and parents can identify how the students can develop as effective learners.

An understanding of both these grading systems is valuable in providing support of your child´s learning.