Saturday school

Saturday School

We start on September 24

– Saturday School 2022-23 –


I’m Melanie Gil, the Saturday School coordinator, I’m a qualified teacher and nurse with experience working in the United Kingdom. I would like to welcome you to our Saturday School and to thank you for trusting and choosing us to share the learning of English with you and your children. 

At Saturday School, we welcome students aged 3 to 14 and we also have adult learners who join us each Saturday. 

At Saturday school, our students take part in a variety of lessons and activities to help develop their English. The English language lesson activities are age-appropriate, include all four communication skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading) and many include art and craft, sports, music, etc. All our groups follow a specific curricular and topic plan with key vocabulary which is shared with parents and supported by the teachers in the lesson plans. 

Our older students who are preparing for the Official Cambridge exams, have access to a computer room where they can practice for the exam in a very supportive and motivating way. 

Our web page will be updated as necessary which helps keep our parents and students informed. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further clarification regarding English language lessons at our Saturday school. 

Thank you 

Kind regards,

Melanie Gil Hernández

Coordinadora del Saturday School