Welcome to Oakley College

Welcome to Oakley College

At Oakley College we are totally committed to every student’s personal well-being, their academic learning and the development of their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Our core purpose is to create opportunities for each student to fulfil their full potential. We work towards our students making  exceptional progress and achieving their goals, so they are able to live fulfilling and successful lives. 

Teachers aim to combine academic excellence with extraordinary educational experiences. Embracing the creative use of technology and authentic service experiences, students are encouraged to think independently and critically, developing their own unique interests, gifts and talents and taking opportunities to be the best they can be.

We are proud of the education we offer in a caring and stimulating environment where individual’s needs are identified and met. Our school is characterised by the friendly family atmosphere where students, parents and staff form part of the learning community. 

At the base of all the experiences in school are our values and it is these that shape the children for the future. It is these that become part of the developing individuals within the school. We make constant reference to Respect, Responsibility and Resolving problems for it is these key values that are at the heart of Oakley College.

Have a browse through the website, arrange a visit to the school to see the learning going on first hand, come and have a chat about what you want in education and how working together, we can make a difference to your child’s future.

The school is divided into four departments:  Early Years, Primary and Secondary and Sixth Form, with children from 2 to 18 years of age.

Donat Morgan

Director / Founder

“The personal development of young children is excellent”


An Open Friendly Atmosphere

 We believe that children learn when they are happy and self confident in an environment where they feel valued and safe.

Education and Cooperation 

When we welcome a child into our school we ensure their education is individualised to have the greatest positive impact. We work to build up the confidence and self esteem of every child, cooperating with parents and guardians every step of the way. We believe that education is a relationship between the child, the school and the parents. Our approach is to work together to achieve the best for each child.

Confidence and Self Esteem

Our education system is child centered and individualised. From the moment a child starts school we work to develop their confidence and self esteem. This approach forms the basis of their learning and the development of this continues during their time at school. We want our students to be happy and confident. We believe this happens best in a learning focused environment.

International British and Spanish curriculum

The Education at Oakley is based on the International British and Spanish Curriculum. The core curriculum is taught in English with Spanish language and Social studies (geography and history of Spain) taught in Spanish. To access universities in Spain and around the world, Ebau (PCE) basica and especifica subjects are taught in the 6th Form (bachillerato) along with A-Levels. 

Our system allows students to select the route best suited to the next stage of their university education, in the country of their choice.

International Standards of Excellence 

Since 2011 Oakley College has been selected by the Spanish national newspaper “El Mundo” … (and other papers) as one of the top International schools in Spain. 

We are a BSO (British Schools Overseas) school. This is a body of schools whose membership is a quality mark for British education overseas. The inspection team publishes their reports on all member schools. These reports assist those seeking a quality education abroad. Our inspection report  is available for you to access on our website.

“We seek to identify and develop each student ́s learning style in order to awaken their talents and desire to achieve”

Donat Morgan

At Oakley College:

  • Academically our students are prepared to succeed in the career of their choice.
  • Intellectually our students are encouraged to think for themselves, helping them to be capable of coping confidently in an ever-changing world.
  • Socially our students are comfortable mixing with different nationalities, being culturally aware and open to learn from each other.
  • Emotionally our students are prepared to take an active part in their future, having the confidence in themselves to interact positively in the world around them.