Results and inspection

Results and inspection

We are delighted and proud to be able to share with you the inspection report carried out by the British Inspectors at the beginning of February.
Every 6 years we are inspected by the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS). This year, in order to help us improve even further, we decided to opt for the voluntary British Schools Overseas (BSO) inspection system which is currently only requested by the top 5%, of the nearly 3000 British schools in the world. This is a quality kite mark offered by the British educational system to drive up improvement in British International schools around the world.

The inspection judgements for the school are:
Oakley College is a good and rapidly improving school with several outstanding features and no significant weaknesses. It meets fully all the British Schools Overseas (BSO) Standards and its own aims well.

Pupils’ achievement and learning are good throughout the school, with examples of excellence, and this leads to examination results of high quality.

The quality of teaching is good; teachers are well qualified and knowledgeable about the subjects they teach and the requirements of examination boards

Provision for safeguarding the health and safety of pupils is comprehensive and effective in its implementation.

Strong pastoral care helps pupils to feel safe and happy at school. Many aspects of pupils’ personal development are excellent.

The provision for children in the Early Years is good.

The personal development of young children is excellent, as is the assessment of their progress.

Its leadership, management and governance are outstanding and have played a key role in recent improvements to pupils’ behaviour and the quality of education which have led to significantly higher examination results.

At Oakley College, as well as progressing towards academic success to support university applications, students will engage in activities and programmes, which focus on developing their personal profile of skills and experience. This enrichment enables genuine engagement with aspects of the school community through which students develop teamwork, leadership, problem solving and communication as well as other skills, which are sought by universities and employers.

We value academic results as well as community service, volunteering, work experience and non-academic success whether it be in music, sport or the creative arts.