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School Uniforms

We believe our school uniform helps foster a sense of community and contributes positively to the learning environment. Students should maintain a neat well kept appearance at all times.
The correct official School Uniform must be worn every day.

Parents are asked to ensure that all items are labelled clearly with their child’s name.


Children wear the PE uniform everyday(phase in 2018/2019)       Available only  from school

(2, 3 & 4 year olds)     A school green tabard overall with the school crest El Corte Inglés


PE uniform is available only from school.

  • School green shorts
  • School green tracksuit (optional)
  • School white round necked school t-shirt
  • White socks
  • White trainers
  • School cap (optional)

PE classes -All students including Sixth Form wear the PE uniform during PE classes.

Summer Uniform (as above) -During the months of May and June and September and October the school summer uniform must be worn by all students up to Y11.


Oakley white short or long sleeved polo shirt with school crest                    El Corte Inglés

Navy blue school trousers – long or ¾ length                                                  El Corte Inglés (NO jeans, cords, tracksuits).

Oakley tartan school skirt (worn no shorter than 8cms above the knee)   El Corte Inglés

Oakley navy blue hooded anorak                                                                       El Corte Inglés

Oakley navy Blue v-necked school jumper (woolen options are available on request). El Corte Inglés

Or Oakley  navy blue sweatshirt                                                                        Available  only from school

Oakley fleece jacket with school crest                                                              Available  only from school

Oakley College baseball cap                                                                               Available  only from school

Navy scarves and a snood                                                                                       Available from school and El Corte Inglés

Navy blue socks

Navy or dark shoes

*Please note that the fleece jacket is an addition to the uniform and worn over the sweater/sweatshirt not instead of it.


The PE uniform must be worn on PE days and a change of T-shirt may be brought to change into. This includes days when students have PE as their selected activity.


In the Secondary department students having PE up to and including period 5 may come to school in their PE uniform, however they MUST change into their normal uniform after the PE lesson. Students may shower in the school facilities. Students whose PE lesson is during period 6 will come to school in their normal uniform and change into their PE uniform for the lesson. They will not be required to change at the end of the lesson. This ensures that all secondary students only change once regarding their PE lesson – ie either before or after the class.


Students are not required to wear school uniform but need to adhere to the 6th form dress code.

School PE uniform to be worn for PE lessons and whilst representing the school in matches etc.

Students will be required to wear a school T-shirt and the school sixth form sweatshirt when on school trips / visits.  The sweatshirt is available only from school.


Modest, appropriate clothing is required for the school environment. Clothing that reveals too much skin or underwear is not appropriate within school. Any clothing that has words, terms, or pictures that may be offensive to others is unacceptable. Team, school and fashion brand names on clothing are generally acceptable.

Leather flip flops are allowed to be worn during the summer uniform period.

Mini-skirts, beach dresses, and spaghetti-strap tops are inappropriate dress for school.


Dress, grooming and personal hygiene standards are an important part of our education.

Unnaturally coloured hair and extreme hairstyles, do not present an appropriate image. There should be no lines shaved into the hair. Failure to follow policy results in a break and lunchtime detention.

Makeup is not appropriate for school.


Students may wear a small; amount of jewellery. Permitted items include the following:

  • Small discreet earrings. 2 studs 1 each ear
  •  2 Simple, discreet bracelets may be worm.

Body or facial piercing is not permitted. Jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.

Long hair must be tied back. Hair accessories such as slides, ribbons, bobbles etc. should be fairly simple and in school colours.

Uniform orders