University access

University Access

At Oakley College our Careers programme spans all three Key Stages. Starting in KS3, the Year 7 & 8 students begin goal setting both for their education and future careers, they also start to look at recognising their strengths and weaknesses, the skills they believe they possess and how these can be used to reach their goals. In Year 9, careers lessons concentrate on their IGCSE options and how to choose the best subjects for their future aspirations. 

At KS4 their careers lessons then move on to how to study successfully for their future exams, how to get the most out of their work experience and community service and continuing to improve their skills. In Year 11 they will investigate different career options and which A Level subjects would best fit their career aspirations.

At KS5 the career lessons then concentrate on university options and requirements. They will learn about different university systems around the world, including the UK, Netherlands, Ireland and the USA and the application processes for each. In Year 13 students then concentrate on writing their applications, including personal statements and motivational letters. They will be given one-to-one advice and guidance from the school’s university adviser and have the opportunity to take part in university fairs and presentations given by university representatives.

Pupils will also be given access to Unifrog. Unifrog is a platform used by schools and colleges to help students make decisions about their future. Unifrog allows students to research universities around the globe and provides information and impartial advice on how to complete applications for university entrance. It also has information on a wide variety of careers and pathways into those careers. All of this combined helps students gain a wider understanding of the options available to them beyond their school education. More information can be found here:

Our students have access to universities in Spain, Europe and around the world.

In the Sixth form (the final two years of education in school), students can select one of three options. The 1. Spanish route, 2. The International Route or 3.the Double Route.