When studying at Oakley College, we make sure you are prepared as possible to attend university anywhere in the world, including in Spain.

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Spanish University

A Levels + FASE Especifica = University Admission in Spain

To access Spanish Universities, A-levels are equivalent to the FASE BASICA and then students that want to apply to a competitive program do the FASE Especifica in the same way they would in a Spanish school.

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International University

A Levels = University Admission worldwide

To access any university worldwide, your A Levels are used as an equivalent, accessing universities in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and more.


Why study A levels to attend a Spanish University?

The British education system focuses more on practical learning, less memorisation and more on the application of knowledge.

Spanish Universities have undergone a change through the Plan Bolonia to adapt the curriculum more to a similar system of learning that is yet to be implemented in the Bachillerato system.

Is it easier to attend a Spanish University with A levels?

To attend a Spanish university with A-levels, you complete three subjects instead of the Fase Basica’s 7 subjects, giving you more time to focus on your subjects.

Depending on your degree, you may also be able to use an A-level subject as one of your Fase Especifica subjects as well.

e.g. A-level: English, Chemistry, Maths

Chemistry = Química de Fase Específica, so you now only need three subjects in Fase Especifica, not four.

Can I change my mind about where I want to study?

If you complete your A levels and Fase Especifica subjects, you can apply for universities in Spain and abroad and have a higher chance of studying your degree of choice.