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For an 10th consecutive year, the Spanish national newspaper El Mundo have included Oakley College in their list of the Top 20 International schools in Spain. 

 The selection is based on twenty-seven criteria including student grades, hybrid learning, value for money, but also considering areas such as holistic student evaluation, targeted interventions from Teaching Assistants and even the quality of lunches.

 After a particularly challenging year for all, where our resilience has been tested, we would like to thank the combined efforts from everyone in our dedicated team; teachers, administration, IT, auxiliary staff, management, parents and the students for working so closely together.

 We will keep working daily on anything and everything related to making school life even better. From improving internal office communication systems, to trialling new student interventions, introducing seasonal ingredients or implementing new student software. We work hard every day making hundreds of small improvements that add up to offer the best learning environment possible to our students.  

If you are not currently a member of our community and would like to find out more information, please visit our Admission page.  

Top International Schools:

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