In science, year 5SE have been experimenting with gravity and air resistance. 

In our first investigation, we tested how the size of an object would affect the speed of its fall. 

In our second investigation, we made three parachutes and changed one variable to test which parachute would have the most air resistance. 

We discussed the importance of a fair test, worked together to calculate our results and wrote a conclusion for our investigations. We love being scientists!

Our House System has been relaunched with plenty of upcoming challenges for students to enjoy. Students from each house will be able to take part in activities throughout the year that we hope will appeal to most tastes. 

The first challenge was from Mr Miguel in Maths, to revise Pi to as many decimal places as possible. We were not disappointed with the results!

I am always impressed by the students at Oakley but the response to this was unbelievable. Many students took part, earned house points for participation and did extremely well. 

As you can see, the winners have managed some truly remarkable feats of memory! 

Congratulations to all who took part. Mr Iain

Year Winner Decimal places House Runner up Decimal places House
7 Ouwen  67 L Carlos   26 T
8 Sergio  161 LP Fernando  143 T
9 Sidney  113 GC Iván   83 F
10 Ania  179 GC Sara   85 LP

Sincere thanks to our community for the generous funds raised during our recent non uniform day for the people of La Palma.
The amount so far is 2849,47€. This will be forwarded to

Recently we welcomed back to Oakley, a former student and currently a professional basketball player in the WBBL Championship, Paige Ashleigh Robinson.

Paige and her team, the London Lions were visiting the island to play her former team, the Gran Canaria´s women`s team as part of the qualifying matches for the Eurocup On this occasion Gran Canaria women`s team won. Despite the loss, the London Lions still qualified for the next leg of the European championship.

Paige came to Gran Canaria and Oakley from London as a 13yr old school girl. She worked hard training every morning from 6.00am, then school work, homework and more evening training for almost 3 years.

During this time Paige had been selected for the England under 16 squad and was playing as well for the Gran Canarian youth team. Part of her experience at this time was sitting one of her GCSE´s in Barcelona as she was there playing basketball.

Later Paige studied at Florida university where she flourished as a student and athlete. 

Paige´s job takes her around the world playing basketball, a game she loves. 

Paige met and chatted with students from Primary and Secondary and enjoyed answering the questions and sharing practical advice on how she was able to juggle school work and sport.  

It was a pleasure to catch up with Paige and more so as she is a wonderful ambassador and role model for sport, young people and following your dreams!!!!


Thank you Paige, come back and see us soon.


The recent volcanic eruption in La Palma has greatly affected the island and the islanders. The volcano is still active and many more families and communities are being affected daily.
We wish to assist in some way to alleviate the suffering and hardship felt by those affected, our fellow canarians.
La Palma Municipal Council (Cabildo) have advised that they have been inundated with generous donations of materials and produce for the families affected.
The Cabildo has suggested that monetary gifts are the best support the local people of La Palma would benefit from at this time.
There will be a non-uniform day for all the school this Friday 1st October, when those students and staff who do not wear their normal clothes will be asked to donate 1€ or more to the La Palma fund. Funds will go to the Cabildo charity (Donaciones Erupción La Palma). More information on the website –
Volcán ayudas
Thank you.

It’s been a busy start to the year in 4A, with lots of fun activities. We have been using our whiteboards in maths to help us solve addition questions using the compact column method. In humanities, we have used our devices to research the spread of the Roman Empire, we were amazed at all the countries they invaded. We also used our atlas skills to locate some of the countries the Romans conquered.


Our after school activities start shortly with a variety of outdoor and indoor activities including Football, Handball, Basketball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Karate, Art and more…..
Sign up whilst there are still places.

The Dolphins are settling into the class very well. They have all been exploring and investigating the new environment and playing with what they are interested in. They have been busy making marks, printing shapes and finger painting with the teacher. However, their favourite part of the day has been dancing to “Baby Shark.”

We are very proud of the exceptional Ebau and A-Level results our departing Y13 students have achieved. All students obtained excellent results.There was a 100% pass rate at Ebau specific exams and A-Levels.-4 students obtained the maximum 14 points in Selectividad and the rest of the students scored between 7.79 and 13.9 points.These results come about because of the love and support from parents; an inspiring, quality education, and students with the confidence and determination to excel at their exams. Our heartfelt congratulations goes to our 18 graduation students and their parents, and warmest wishes for the next stage of their learning journey.

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2021. We are very proud of their excellent results in both Ebau and A´levels. There was a 100% pass rate at Ebau specific exams and A´levels.