House Pi Challenge- Prepare to be amazed!

Our House System has been relaunched with plenty of upcoming challenges for students to enjoy. Students from each house will be able to take part in activities throughout the year that we hope will appeal to most tastes. 

The first challenge was from Mr Miguel in Maths, to revise Pi to as many decimal places as possible. We were not disappointed with the results!

I am always impressed by the students at Oakley but the response to this was unbelievable. Many students took part, earned house points for participation and did extremely well. 

As you can see, the winners have managed some truly remarkable feats of memory! 

Congratulations to all who took part. Mr Iain

Year Winner Decimal places House Runner up Decimal places House
7 Ouwen  67 L Carlos   26 T
8 Sergio  161 LP Fernando  143 T
9 Sidney  113 GC Iván   83 F
10 Ania  179 GC Sara   85 LP

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