Our House System has been relaunched with plenty of upcoming challenges for students to enjoy. Students from each house will be able to take part in activities throughout the year that we hope will appeal to most tastes. 

The first challenge was from Mr Miguel in Maths, to revise Pi to as many decimal places as possible. We were not disappointed with the results!

I am always impressed by the students at Oakley but the response to this was unbelievable. Many students took part, earned house points for participation and did extremely well. 

As you can see, the winners have managed some truly remarkable feats of memory! 

Congratulations to all who took part. Mr Iain

Year Winner Decimal places House Runner up Decimal places House
7 Ouwen  67 L Carlos   26 T
8 Sergio  161 LP Fernando  143 T
9 Sidney  113 GC Iván   83 F
10 Ania  179 GC Sara   85 LP

We are very proud of the exceptional Ebau and A-Level results our departing Y13 students have achieved. All students obtained excellent results.There was a 100% pass rate at Ebau specific exams and A-Levels.-4 students obtained the maximum 14 points in Selectividad and the rest of the students scored between 7.79 and 13.9 points.These results come about because of the love and support from parents; an inspiring, quality education, and students with the confidence and determination to excel at their exams. Our heartfelt congratulations goes to our 18 graduation students and their parents, and warmest wishes for the next stage of their learning journey.

Congratulations to our graduating class of 2021. We are very proud of their excellent results in both Ebau and A´levels. There was a 100% pass rate at Ebau specific exams and A´levels.

Last term the students in Year 8 were learning about slavery. As an end of unit project they were asked to create a piece of memorabilia to commemorate the abolition of slavery. These are some of the pieces they produced.

On Thursday 27th February, a literature meeting (Lectucrea) took place at our school. The meeting is related to a literature project organised by our Spanish Department, titled ‘Lectucrea: Creative Reading’, in which our Y9 students participated. As part of the project, we celebrated the Día de Las letras Canarias on the 21st February, giving students the opportunity to meet the author of the book they have been working on in class (Daniel Bautista ‘La playa de las mujeres’), and present some of their own writing to him. During the meet & greet session, students participated in question time with Daniel Bautista, allowing them to field their questions to the author about the book-writing process.


On Friday 20th December, our Y11, Y12 and Y13 students visited Hangar 37 in Tarajalillo, where they took part in an airsoft activity (a game with a thematic focus, where participants are placed in a battle situation).  Afterwards, students enjoyed a picnic lunch at San Agustín beach.  They took part in various activities on the beach before returning to school by bus.  Students were accompanied by Mr. Andrew Mc, Mr. Martin, Mr. Simon, Miss Anne, Mr. Alan and Miss Chani on this trip.

Congratulations to Jorge Palop Y12 and Alejandro González Y11 on their recent exam success, achieving the top marks in Spain in the Edexcel/Pearson International IGCSE Maths and Science (Double Award) exams (Jorge) and Edexcel/Pearson International IGCSE Spanish exam (Alejandro). The boys were awarded their certificates at a secondary school assembly. Well done boys!!!!

On the 20th November, Oakley College Sixth Form students atended the UNITOUR university fair held at the Palacio de Congresos- Auditorio Alfredo Kraus in Las Palmas.  Our Year 12 and Year 13 students were able to obtain information from more than 18 universities attending the event.  Students were able to chat with representatives from their chosen universities at the stands available around the fair.

Recently Year 13 students held a “bake sale” during break time. The reason was to raise funds for the charitable organisation called, “Girls Up” which works to helps improve and better  opportunities for girls around the world.

All of the Sixth form students helped baking all sorts of desserts to sale, including brownies, carrot cake and cookies .

We laid all the food out in Miss Chani’s classroom and when break time started the students would come up to the window and ask for what they wanted. The prices were always one euro; they were quite cheap but this way, everybody could have something and almost all the food was sold.

The money raised was then given to Miss Laura, in the office, to be counted and transferred to Girls Up charity. In total the money collected was 163 €. We are very happy with the amount collected and we hope it helps many girls from around the world.