Paige Ashleigh Robinson visit

Recently we welcomed back to Oakley, a former student and currently a professional basketball player in the WBBL Championship, Paige Ashleigh Robinson.

Paige and her team, the London Lions were visiting the island to play her former team, the Gran Canaria´s women`s team as part of the qualifying matches for the Eurocup On this occasion Gran Canaria women`s team won. Despite the loss, the London Lions still qualified for the next leg of the European championship.

Paige came to Gran Canaria and Oakley from London as a 13yr old school girl. She worked hard training every morning from 6.00am, then school work, homework and more evening training for almost 3 years.

During this time Paige had been selected for the England under 16 squad and was playing as well for the Gran Canarian youth team. Part of her experience at this time was sitting one of her GCSE´s in Barcelona as she was there playing basketball.

Later Paige studied at Florida university where she flourished as a student and athlete. 

Paige´s job takes her around the world playing basketball, a game she loves. 

Paige met and chatted with students from Primary and Secondary and enjoyed answering the questions and sharing practical advice on how she was able to juggle school work and sport.  

It was a pleasure to catch up with Paige and more so as she is a wonderful ambassador and role model for sport, young people and following your dreams!!!!


Thank you Paige, come back and see us soon.


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