La Palma volcanic eruption and community non uniform day.

The recent volcanic eruption in La Palma has greatly affected the island and the islanders. The volcano is still active and many more families and communities are being affected daily.
We wish to assist in some way to alleviate the suffering and hardship felt by those affected, our fellow canarians.
La Palma Municipal Council (Cabildo) have advised that they have been inundated with generous donations of materials and produce for the families affected.
The Cabildo has suggested that monetary gifts are the best support the local people of La Palma would benefit from at this time.
There will be a non-uniform day for all the school this Friday 1st October, when those students and staff who do not wear their normal clothes will be asked to donate 1€ or more to the La Palma fund. Funds will go to the Cabildo charity (Donaciones Erupción La Palma). More information on the website –
Volcán ayudas
Thank you.
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