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  • We want our students to be happy in school. We use a child centred approach, making our students feel safe, supported and challenged as learners and young adults
  • Our school is a family school with small classes and a positive atmosphere
  • Our values of Respect, Responsibility and Resolving Problems are taught from early on and ensure well rounded individuals
  • We celebrate our students and their successes in and out of the classroom via our assemblies, celebrations and regular contact with parents
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  • At Oakley College we teach English to a native level
  • British qualified staff ensure fluency in speaking and writing in English.  Students understand idiosyncrasies, quirks and mannerisms as well as British and Anglo-Saxon society as a whole- cultural customs, business jargon, relevant cultural events and more.
  • 80% curriculum is taught in English
  • Students are nurtured to be successful as global citizens
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  • Every child matters which is why we have a strong Pastoral team to guide and support every child
  • The Pastoral team work closely with teachers and Mental health services within and outside of school to ensure individual needs are met
  • The Personal social and emotional curriculum is a whole school curriculum that builds life skills such as financial literacy, emotional intelligence and healthy relationships creating children that are ready for the outside world after completing their education. 
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  • The British educational system is based on Project learning and developing the learner with thinking skills and the skills to be successful in life
  • We use a holistic approach to the child and to the learning, providing innovative and individualised learning tailored to the learning styles of the students
  • There is support and catch up groups integrated within the teaching day
  • Learning Support Assistants support the learning
  • Specialised programs for neurodivergent learners and More Able students 
  • Option of up to 4 languages taught: English, Spanish, French and German

Oakley College is an International British School for children aged 2 to 18 located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

We cater for 2 – 18 year old students both Spanish and international, following the British curriculum for England and Wales and preparing our students for further education both in Spain and abroad. About 80% of the school day is taught through English. The school values both the academic and social development of each pupil through individual attention and multilingualism. Oakley College is based all on one single campus in the idyllic and easily accessible area of Tafira Alta, 15 minutes away from Las Palmas.

By being an International British school, our students benefit from the best of both worlds: the sound foundation from the Spanish Curriculum and the innovation and hands-on character of the British Curriculum. As a result, students graduate from the school with dual official qualifications: at the end of Secondary, the British IGCSEs and the Spanish ‘Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education’ certificate; and the Spanish ‘Baccalaureate’ certificate and English A-Level certificates, at the end of their Sixth Form studies. The intercultural mind-set and the thinking skills, allow them to apply successfully to the best universities around the world.

The school was founded in 1989 by the current Principal, Donat Morgan MBE. It is NABSS inspected and for 10 consecutive years the recipient of the prestigious El Mundo award for the Top International Schools in Spain.

Early Years

Y3 Header

The Early Years department takes children from 2 to 5 years of age. Here our children learn in a safe and stimulating environment…


Admissions Sub

The main aim of this department is to provide an ambitious, stimulating education for all our pupils. This is done in a safe and supportive learning environment with strong pastoral care, which prepares students…


Ninos Lab

The Secondary department is divided into two areas: Key Stage 3 (11-14 years) and Key Stage 4 (14-16 years). The Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed to ensure students engage with a broad and balanced range of subjects…

Sixth Form

Sixth Form Area

In Sixth Form students select between three and four Advanced Level subjects in which to specialise. We offer a range of the ´core´ subjects, as well as other popular subjects which support a wide range of interests…

Bandama 1 1

Year 5 – Trip to Bandama

On Thursday 23rd May, Year 5 went to Bandama as part of their topic work on volcanoes.  They were met at the top of the crater by a guide who told the children about the history of Bandama.  Then Year 5 walked right down to the bottom. …

Football Tournament – KS2

On the 24th of May, Oakley Primary School travelled to the American school for the annual inter-schools football tournament. After a very successful football season, Oakley had a lot to prove and they did not disappoint! Year 3 and 4s played…
Sioux City 1

Students learning about the “American West”

Year 4 visited Sioux City to learn more about our topic The American West. We explored the streets of the frontier town and the different buildings along the way... some of us even ended up in jail! We learned how to lasso cattle from some…

Y3- Naval Museum trip

Year 3 had a wonderfully warm day learning about boats, sailing, navigating and defending at the Naval Museum in Las Palmas. Afterwards, the children took a short walk to the beach where they saw today's modern ships and made some really detailed…

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