Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3

At Oakley College, Key Stage 3 presents a coherent and challenging programme which is related to the school vision in creating a confident learning community.

The learning and growth of students are focused on:

• Knowledge in a broad and balanced range of subjects, building from Key Stage 2

Understanding of concepts and topic which supports greater capacity to analyse, evaluate and review

Building the learning skills and attitudes in Responsibility for Learning, to enable pupils to develop as more capable students, and to respond positively to a demanding and challenging programme

Further development of responsibility for themselves and for others in the community

• Supporting the students developing maturity and responsibility with knowledge and understanding of personal, social, health and moral issues, through a strong pastoral system and through the PSHE programme.

– Curriculum –

The KS3 curriculum is designed to ensure students engage with a broad and balanced range of subjects. The courses build on the Key Stage 2 curriculum, increasing the depth of knowledge in each subject through learning provided by subject specialists. . This provides all students with a thorough and solid foundation from which students can go on to explore in any direction they choose, before progressing to the more specialised curriculum in Key Stage 4.

Languages, Literature and the Humanities are taught alongside Science, Mathematics, ICT and the expressive arts. The curriculum introduces a third language (German or French) which students will follow through to GCSE, and also Spanish Social Studies, which is taught in Spanish.

All subject teachers combine a rigorous approach with enjoyable and stimulating material which challenges students whilst catching their imagination.

English is developed in all subjects. It is critical to the success of students in all their studies, providing them with the means by which they both gain knowledge, and express it accurately. To support this, English development is monitored carefully, and students are expected to speak in English throughout the school day.

The focus on developing the skills and attitudes for Responsibility for Learning is integrated into the curriculum in each subject. This dimension of our programme at Oakley College provides a very effective approach for establishing these skills and attitudes, preparing students for the demands of GCSE and A Level courses in Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5, respectively.

Personal and Social Education is a key part of the curriculum. This is taught twice per week by the form tutors. The PSHE programme provides students with the information and awareness through which they can make informed decisions about health, careers and lifestyle as well as equipping them with a background from which they can make effective social and personal choices.

– Curriculum Programme –

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