Mediation and Anti-Bullying Programme

Mediation and Anti-Bullying Programme

Mediation Program

The mediation program has been running for over several years in the clases of Y4-Y6 and  involves teaching the children basic conflict resolution skills through an assembly, PSHE curriculum and small group training for the class mediators. 

Children are supported to learn the steps to resolve a conflict and about the difference between a conflict and a more serious issue that will need to be dealt with by a teacher.

 Mediation is recognised as a successful tool to prevent bullying, support positive

class relationships and life skills for our children.

School Bullying Prevention Protocol

Bullying is a phenomenon that occurs with greater or lesser intensity throughout all  school communities and has always existed, but now we are more aware and sensitive to this about how it can affect our children now and in the future. That is why we work on preventing and intervening directly if there is any situation of harassment.

To prevent this the children learn about this phenomenon in the PSHE (physical social health education) curriculum. We also celebrate events such as the annual anti-bullying day.

If a bullying situation is identified in school, the victim, aggressor and observer group are supported with individualized interventions to restore and recover from the situation.

Anti bullyin policy