Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

One of the strengths of Oakley College is the personal care and services provided. Each student is recognised as an individual with their own interests, needs and challenges.

Oakley College has a strong, well-structured pastoral care system within a community which feels much like a family. Students receive support and nurturing through personal relationships with all staff and with other students from their own class and across the school.

In Secondary, students are assigned a tutor for their class.

Each tutor is responsible for the individual pastoral care of the students within his or her form. The tutor and tutor group meet daily at registration and this allows the tutor to monitor and support the progress of the students in the tutor group. The tutor also meets with the students for two lessons per week to deliver the PSHE programme and to help students with organisation, planning or other issues. Each Key Stage is managed by a Pastoral Leader who supports the tutors in providing all the help and support needed by the students.

The school has strong relationships with the parents, who are invited to regular workshops and information evenings, and are welcome to contact the school whenever they have concerns.