All  our Covid conditions, levels and measures follow the protocols stipulated by the Canarian government. As such the information in the following document is subject to any and all government decisions and changes which may alter this content.

Hybrid teaching and learning –What is it?

We have developed the online teaching and learning model which began back in March this year and now are using a “hybrid model” where the majority of students are in the classroom but some can be at home attending the class via live-video technology using Google Meet. Students who are attending from home have the same access to the classroom as every student attending in person.

Hybrid learning -who it’s for:

  • Hybrid learning is specifically for children who are not able to attend school; are feeling well enough to learn, either awaiting a PCR test, in quarantine, or for another medical reason, they are required to stay at home for a certain period.

Hybrid learning-when is it not available:

  • Students at home sick and unable to attend school are by definition too ill to be learning and are not eligible for hybrid learning. They need to recover from their illness and return to school for face to face learning.
  • Homework is published on google classroom and can be accessed from there.

Hybrid learning-how children access it:

  • First step is for the parent to contact the school office and advise of their child’s absence and if they are medically fit for hybrid learning. Those undergoing a PCR, in quarantine or with a long term sickness eg broken leg or other condition, are eligible for hybrid teaching.
  • Second step is the Principal will approve students who are eligible and activate the hybrid teaching in the class.

Hybrid teaching will begin the day after being approved.

Primary children can access hybrid Learning from google classroom, following the instructions detailed on the following link:

Secondary students will get an invite to each class from their teacher via Google Meet.

Returning to school after extended absence:

  • Parents need to obtain approval from the Principal to return to school after extended absence, when hybrid teaching has been activated. After receiving a negative PCR result, completing quarantine or having recovered from a long term illness, Mr Donat needs to be contacted on donat@oakleycollege.com during working hours (when possible). This is to confirm there are no risks for the rest of the class/staff on the students return and to deactivate hybrid teaching. Only after return approval has been received by the parent, can the child return to school the following day.