Tournament summary report

The tournament that started the 17th October and ended the 23rd of October was one of my best moments in my life. We did all types of things: we played the tournament; we had an
homage to David Marrero who lived for the sport of tennis; we trained and we had fun.

We all shared experiences with other players who came from all other European countries. Let’s go deeper in the tournament, let’s talk about my matches. I played three matches, the
first one was the most difficult one. I played in one where I got to the semifinals against Marcel Jelinek. I could not do any more in that match but I fought until the end of the match.

The second match was a doubles match that I played with my friend, we played with two guys who were pretty good and we lost 6/3 – 6/4. We couldn’t win but we had a lot of fun and
we tried.

The third match was a consolation  thst i couldn´t win against a German opponent, it ended 5/4 6 – 4/2.



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