American School vs Oakley College match

Oakley primary travelled to the American school for the first football game of the season.

The Year 3 and 4 teams had a slow start as they got used to the new players on the team, but after 5 minutes an Oakley goal was scored from a fantastic shot. The team then started to relax and work together as a team to continue the pressure. In the end, the game finished 6-2 to Oakley.

Year 5 and 6s were hungry to continue their winning streak from last season and started the game with high intensity. The first goal came within the first minute and after that they did not stop coming. It seemed like everyone wanted a piece of the action, which resulted in the game ending a staggering 18-2.

A very impressive start to the season. The players should all be very proud of their performance and look forward to the next game.



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