Bake Sale

Recently Year 13 students held a “bake sale” during break time. The reason was to raise funds for the charitable organisation called, “Girls Up” which works to helps improve and better  opportunities for girls around the world.

All of the Sixth form students helped baking all sorts of desserts to sale, including brownies, carrot cake and cookies .

We laid all the food out in Miss Chani’s classroom and when break time started the students would come up to the window and ask for what they wanted. The prices were always one euro; they were quite cheap but this way, everybody could have something and almost all the food was sold.

The money raised was then given to Miss Laura, in the office, to be counted and transferred to Girls Up charity. In total the money collected was 163 €. We are very happy with the amount collected and we hope it helps many girls from around the world.

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